Best scripts to create your own classified website

Do you need a script to create your own classified website? In market there are hundreds of script/platform available to create classified portal. But for a new user, it is difficult to choose one of them. In this article we tell you some really good classified script, you can depend on to start one for yourself.

Why I chooses these Classified script?

With a simple “classified script” search term in Google search engine, you can find many example of classifieds script and many of them have pretty decent feature list. But one thing which is not easy to find is longevity of that project and quality of support, be it community driven or professional support provided by script authors.
Only scripts manage to get in this list are those, which I have personal experience with and offer great support to their users. Their long-term performance is also one reason which we choose to get them in list.

 1. Osclass Classified CMS

Osclass open source classified script

Osclass is free, open-source and PHP based classified CMS, one of my favourite. It supports a growing collection of plugins and themes. You can find some really good free themes to create your classified portal. Simple PHP Apis makes it easy to customise, with first hand experience of Osclass.

It has pretty functional search system with support for custom fields. Admin dashboard is also very easy to use and offer almost every tool you need to manage your portal. They also have a market to sell premium themes and plugins, with pretty functional free themes and plugins too.

It has inbuilt caching system with support to APCu,Memcache, a plus for creating large-scale high-traffic website.

Their community support forum is also a plus point for new users.
Download Link

2. Classipress a WordPress theme

Classipress Classified Theme

If you are searching for a classified system then you may have already read about ClassiPress.

The biggest advantage of ClassiPress is its WordPress backend. You can customize your ClassiPress installation and add features with just a few clicks thanks to the thousands of plugins that are in the WordPress ecosystem. ClassiPress has very well commented and structured code, so a novice PHP developer can easily customize it to his/her needs.

One great feature is their custom field/form generator, which makes it easy to customise with your market needs and whhole WordPress platform is search engine friendly.

Integrated Google Checkout/ PayPal payment gateways, manageable through an easy-to-understand dashboard. Customizable ad posting form and custom fields, as well as a multiple category selection. It their market they pretty eye-catching child themes.

ClassiPress has very advanced search options necessary for any classified portal.

Download Link

3.Open Classifieds

OpenClassified free classified script

Another great example of open-source classified script is OpenClassified. It has full set of options in your admin panel to help you manage your website successfully including text editing, custom menus, maintenance mode with web stats to track your website traffic.

Open Classifieds offers a variety of payment-gateways  to earn money with your classifieds website. It is search engine friendly, support wide-variety of themes.

They offer support from community forum and professional support team. Their documentation is vast and you can make yourself familiarise with Open Classifieds by following easy to understand documentation.
Download Link


Although there are many other scripts available. But I did not have any notable experience with those scripts and if had than they offer poor support, that’s why they did not manage to get a place in this list. If you want to suggest some share them in our comment box.


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