Flipkart MarQ 43 inch 4k Smart Android LED TV Long Term Honest Review

Planning to buy a new TV on a budget? Then you are in the right place of time with lots of new brands are ready to capture the midrange market of the Indian TV market. I was in the same boat in search of new smart tv for my bedroom which can replace my old 40 incher Non-smart-tv. After a bit of searching and comparing on the internet, I made my mind to buy MarQ (43 inches) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV  (43SAUHD).

When I was searching for the review for this unit I didn’t find any decent review and everyone was posting the same spec-list with no research or with no hands on experience. Almost all of them were repeating the same marketing material as Flipkart have posted on it’s product listing.

Here I am going to review this unit about what I like and doesn’t like to make your decision easier if you’re planning to buy a new TV.


Let’s start with usual specs for this TV which you can also find on Flipkart product page if you like( Corrected where it seems needed). I have removed some specs which I think doesn’t matter much or I have forgotten to mention some.

In The Box1 Television, 2 Remote, Wall Mount Stand, 2 AAA Batteries. 2 Desktop Stand, 4 Stand Support Crews, User Manual
Model Name43SAUHD
Display Size109 cm (43)
Screen TypeIPS Direct LED A+ Grade Panel
( 8bit+2bit FRC )
Max Brightness 340 nits
1100:01 Static Contrast Ratio.
8ms response time
HD Technology & ResolutionUltra HD (4K), 3840 x 2160
HDR Playback Supported
HDMI(2 Bottom, 1 Side) HDMI 2.0
USB2 (1x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0)
Other Connectivity OptionsHeadphone Jack, Optical Audio Out, RF connector, AV In
Wi-Fi Type2.4 GHz&5GHz | IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Ethernet100 Mbps RJ45
Android TV VersionAndroid Oreo 8.0

Addition to above specs this tv runs on MediaTek MT5596 SmartTV Soc Platform and have 2GB Ram and 16 GB internal storage.

All in all with above specs it’s well justified for Sub 30,000 Smart LED TVs.

Plenty of Good…

Let’s Start sharing my experience with this TV and there are plenty of good things for this budget with some cornet cuts.


In my experience display panel in this Tv is pretty good with decent deep Blacks and contrast ratio. Colours are as vibrant and accurate as many of you want in TV Display. I have no equipment to test the latency but I didn’t notice any input lag while gaming.

4k content looks as good as you want but 1080p and more specifically 720p scaling are not that good due to the highly aggressive noise reduction and sharpening settings. I recommend disabling the DNR, MPEG-NR, Adaptive Luma Control and Flash Tone and dial back the sharpening to 0-10 from the default value of 60 if you want a good picture quality and better scaling. I was never a fan of such settings in any display and this TV doesn’t change that impression either.

In Flipkart’s listing it is suggested that this display is HDR capable ( Take it as supported) but you can hardly find any good HDR TV in this price range or 40k-50k range ( I didn’t find any). It’s natively an 8-bit+2bit-FRC panel which uses a good dithering algorithm to emulate 10-bit colour space and I didn’t find any dithering issue but maximum brightness of 340-nits lefts lot to be desired for any good HDR performance. With full grid local dimming it may have done better but sadly that is also not supported. It does the job for the price and you can enjoy HDR content but don’t hold your breath for next-generation HDR performance with this or any sub-50k TV.


By default audio quality is good enough to enjoy Movies or Music with Inbuilt 20-Watt speaker setup. They are loud enough to fill a decent size room and kudos to Dolby-DTS the surround sound effect is on par with my expectations. I would still prefer a little better low-frequency performance from the in-built setup.

You can also enjoy your Bluetooth headphones and sound quality is as good as your headphones can produce with no connectivity issue, so no complaint here.


This tv is powered by an MT5596-Soc with 64-bit ARM-A53 quad-core processor operating at up to 1.1GHz and a Mali-T860 MP2 graphics processor which is enough to fuel the OS for fluid performance. You can do casual gaming and Apps were performing pretty good and better than Mi TV Series ( I don’t know but they have so much lag on navigation which I couldn’t suffer. )

User Interface

This Tv comes with a Certified Android TV OS ( Android Oreo 8.0 ) and finding content, opening apps is pretty fluid. Google assistant, Chromecast integration is awesome and comes pretty handy. But these are pretty standard features for any latest android smart tv and Marq doesn’t provide any extra app or feature which stand out among others ( Like Patchwall for Xiaomi TVs).

You will experience a pretty vanilla experience out of the box as you would expect from standard AndroidTV OS 8.0. I have no complaint with default launcher and preinstalled apps. The local media player is good enough for playing content from a USB drive but I would recommend installing MxPlayer or VLC player for better user experience.

App support is as good as for any other Android Smart TV and better than other non-android smart TVs, so no complaint here either.

My main issue with the interface is that some advanced audio, video options are deeply hidden in TV OS and there is no 1-2 click solution to reach those settings. I have to press source button, then have to select an HDMI source( Settings which effect main android os display too), then press the menu button and then you will find some useful options for display, audio and some other settings useful for advanced users. I will prefer those settings in the main settings menu for easy access.

MarQ also gives ocassional OTA updates to fix issues and UI-Tweaks.

Connectivity And Accessories

This TV comes with plenty of connectivity option which you have already read in above spec sheet so I am not going to repeat all of those here.

3 HDMI 2.0 ports ( HDMI-CEC supported ) and 2 USB ports are more than enough for my need but missing HDMI-ARC support is a bummer and I don’t know why MarQ left out such an essential feature when it is a pretty standard feature for any latest HDMI devices.

I didn’t find any issue with bluetooth or wifi connectivity and no complaint here.

This TV is bundled with two remote controls one of which is pretty standard tv remote control as you would expect with dedicated youtube button and the other is smart Bluetooth remote control with dedicated google assistant button. I prefer the second one for my use, It is much easier to use than the regular remote control due to its size.

Build Quality

I didn’t find any build quality issue and it’s a very decent looking TV. No metal framing here but the plastic used here is pretty good. I have no complaint about the price you are paying for this TV and It’s among the better one in competitive brands.


I can easily recommend MarQ (43) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV for anyone who is looking a decent smart android tv in below 35K range. Good display and good sound quality from the inbuilt speaker system are the key points for this recommendation. MarQ Team has done an amazing job for providing such a decent product with a stealing price 29K INR, but I am still saying that HDMI-ARC support would have made this deal even sweeter

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