Increase Android mobile battery backup with Greenify

In todays time almost everyone is relied on their smart phone for daily task, calls, web browsing, taking pictures, using social media, and keeping in touch with friends and family. More you install apps, more it hampers your battery backup. In this guide I will tell you, how to increase your android phone battery backup with Greenify App available on Google Play Store.Greenify – Android Apps on Google Play

How this works?

In simple words, Greenify ‘hides’ applications so your phone can’t find them, for the period that the phone’s screen is off. This prevents android from opening the application. They can sometimes still be executed by other events though. This process saves your battery but also increase your phone performance by allowing more free ram.

Downloading and accessing Greenify App in your Android Mobile.

Search Greenify App Install Greenify App

First open Google Play Store the Google Play Store appears. Within the Google Play Store, we’re going to select the “Search Button” and type in “Greenify” to search Greenify App. It will show you two version of Greenify App, a paid version and a free one. I am using free version for this guide, So touch on free version and Install it.

Using Greenify App for battery saving.

Greenify App Main ScreenSelect app to greenify appSelect app for hibernation

Without further ado, let’s jump in to hibernating some apps. As you can see in above picture I have already selected some apps in Greenify. To add apps just touch on plus(+) icon in app and it will open “App Analyzer” screen. In “App Analyzer” It will show you app running in background or can slow down your Mobile.

Select app for hibernation

Select apps you do not want to run in background, like above picture. Keep in mind do not select any app which you want running in background like WhatsApp, Facebook. Adding these in list you will not get any notification or updates without opening these apps.

After Selecting those app touch on action button (✓). It will add them to Greenify hibernate list. Now you can touch action button (Zzz)to manually hibernate all apps.

Screenshot_2016-07-08-15-11-47 Enable greenify accessibility setting

When you do it first time, it will show notification to enable accessibility setting. Touch on setting in notification and enable Greenify accessibility service.

Automating the hibernate process.

 Greenify MenuAutomate Greenify hibernate processEnable greenify device adminenable greenify automator activate greenify device admin

For non-rooted phone it automate the hibernation process when your screen goes off  (if you have insecure key-guard). Now open Greenify Menu and select Settings. It will open greenify settings screen now select Automated hibernation. It will show notification to enable Device-admin of Greenify, touch settings and activat Greenify Device Administrator

For rooted phone change Working mode to root in Greenify Settings and it will automate all the process of Greenify App.

Creating Greenify Hibernation shortcut.

Greenify MenuGreenify Hibernate shortcut

It is easy to hibernate manually by opening greenify app and touching on hibernate button. But we can make this process far easier by creating hibernation shortcut on home screen.Open Greenify app menu and select “Create Hibernation shortcut”. It will create a shortcut on your homescreen, now you can hibernate your apps easily on touching on this shortcut.

Whats more?

In mobile world it is crucial to have maximum battery backup and Greenify is a great to optimise smartphone battery backup. You can also buy it’s paid app which also let’s you hibernate system apps (A feature for power users). For rest of people free version is sufficient for their needs.

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