Is India was better in British Raj?

We Indians have deep-rooted tendency to compare modern India with its colonial past which often fueled with negative facts and figure. I know it is a healthy process to make a critical analysis of our progress. But do we really need it to compare with our colonial past?

How it is started?

“Buildings made in british rule are better and we are too corrupt and can’t make those types of building (or bridges)”.

“British gave us train or we were running on bullock cart “.

“Corruption was nowhere in british rule”.

“British rule was better for India compared to our current democratic system”.

Those are some common arguments we often listen in public gathering or at event of railway failure, road accident (Although not bound to such events only).

I have no shame to compare India with modern era competitors, but I highly object it to compare with its colonial past. How can we say that they are good for us, when they torn apart of our religious harmony, cut its parts in different countries and millions of people dies due to their colonial rule.

British rule was ruthless, highly racist, cruel to the core and I have to say that it was the worst case scenario for any country( As same as hitler was for Jews). No offence when British wiped page of that history in their schoolbooks  and propagated lies about what they were doing in its colonial past, but I feel shame when we are using some of their lies as our own.

What they really Did?

What British Did to India?

Why should we compare British era buildings when we have series of engineering example throughout Indian history, a rule which is only a fraction( And a worst one) in our whole journey. People do not usually talk about ‘Pillars of Ashoka’, ‘Caves of Ajanta or Ellora’,’ Kailash Temple’ and ‘Taj Mahal’ ( Numerous other examples are available throughout Indian history) in such conversation.

We did know that the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides way before Pythagoras. Modern number system was created in India. We did know about dyeing in 3rd millennium BCE.

When british came we had share of the world economy declining from 24.4% to 4.3% when they left, share of global industrial output declined from 25% to 2% when they left. Millions dies in British-Raj due to poverty and famine, people become unemployed.

We are still happy that they did gave us train, Really? Do other countries too have railway due to British? What British did or made or destroyed, they did that for their own good and there was no intention to make us feel happy. We are still suffering due to their actions in that time-frame and we should not try to validate their false claims. I have no intentions to judge today’s british people, but it hurts when they make non-sense comment about India without knowing history of Indian Sub-continent.

One example is about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: I read a comment on YouTube where a person was judging Netaji’s intention because Hitler supported Netaji. I replied to him that, Netaji had no option to choose who is wrong or who is right when he was creating Azad Hind Fauj. Because Hitler and Churchill both were same in results of their actions. Question was who will support Azad Hind Fauj for Indian Freedom Struggle and obvious choice at that time was Hitler.

Feeling ashamed to be an Indian?

Do we really need to shame for being Indian?

I feel sad not only about this, but tendency to feel shame in every aspect of ourselves. We have made a mindset that we are progressive to feel inferior. Many Indians really believe that we are no.1 country in Raping women, and many foreign/Indian media has not intentions to forgive us. I am not defending Rape and feel the same as any normal person that, we need immediate actions to improve this situation and raping women can never be a part of any civilization, but do we really need headlines like, “Every 30 minute there’s a rape happen in India“. It may look good for those channels, but no one questions that we are talking about a sample size of Billion and more people.

I firmly believe that we Indian needs no lessons about moral values from others( Specially lessons based on pure assumptions and false propaganda.). We are not wild animals and already pretty vocal on such issues. It’s a fact that India is nowhere near to USA, Australia or England in latest Rape Index statistics, so willful India bashing should be stopped. I know some people may argue about non-reporting issue, But isn’t a case with every other country? And how much you will account it when difference in India and above countries is approx 10-30 times.

Things we can do.

All this happening just because we are not interested in knowing our history. Blindly following anything we read on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. I am not saying you should immediately believe what I have said, but at least give yourself and your nation a favour to think logically. Don’t believe what you see on social media blindly and immediately, but try to find truth behind those stories. Believe me this small step is big enough to stop many riots and issues immediately. This post is not about glorifying India, there is a lot to improve but we would go nowhere without realizing today’s reality and our history.

India was not born in 1947, there is an Indian ocean thousands of years before 1947. It has a big share of achievements in past thousands years, an old civilization worthy of honest opinion.

I have left many questions in this post, please do share what you think.

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